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I didn’t notice the stress of life come on until I was drowning in it so I decided to have tea for a bit of calm. Unexpectedly, it also became medicine to the other ailments I was consumed by.

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I wasn’t a big herbal tea drinker when I was younger. Most teas were either green tea or black tea which are both caffeinated. They were my go-to after deciding to quit coffee. If you’re a long time reader of my blogs, you may remember that around the time I was still in college, my doctor told me coffee could be a possible cause to my murmur-like symptoms regarding my heart.

As a way to get back to a healthier path, my once or twice (or more) coffee a day became once every week to once every month until I completely weaned off.

but there was tea

Tea that is still caffeinated seemed like a cop-out but I went for that direction anyway. Thankfully, I was introduced to other types of tea like brown rice, five flowers, and my number-one-sleeping-aid chamomille tea.

Recently, I have worked up the courage to mix my own tea. Although it only has the roasted barley and the dried flower (chrysanthemum).

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Coincidentally, this mix was helping deal with symptoms of high stress and anxiety.

Before I decided to tea-up, I was feeling all sorts of discomfort in regards to physical health and my mental as well. And this was evident in my posts.

I believe once in a while. Setting aside a moment to take my surroundings in with a cup of tea is beneficial to a healthy condition. Though, at times, it brings me to a place so far from the present.

During those times, I take a breath of that calm and get lost deeper into those sentimental moments.

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