Magic Moon Week | Rosamund Snow | Part 1

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I’ve tackled so many art challenges, it’s almost unbelievable it’s barely near the end of January when I finished Magic Moon Week.

Magic Moon Week is an art challenge I stumbled upon on Instagram, created by these artists:@/barbaratamilin @/nancychalmers @/claire.prouvost @/petrabraunillustration @/hannahjayhollowed @/weronika.salach

(I didn’t actually know that before I joined… and I joined really late as I was still trying to catch up with Memuary at the time.)

The challenge was from the 14th of January to the 22nd. It was meant to appreciate the feminine energy that is often associated with the moon. I think the idea was to focus on ourselves but I wanted to do something different.

For Magic Moon Week, I decided that I would focus on a character I knew well. I decided to draw Rosamund Snow, my adaptation of the classic fairytale protagonist, Snow White. I haven’t had the chance to flesh her out drawing wise, so this was a good opportunity.

She belongs from my story: Magie Mordue which I’ve talked about a few times.

Rosamund Snow

Rosamund Snow is actually the daughter of the actual Snow White. For the purpose of my story, everyone female directly blood-related to Snow is Snow. So, Rose is Snow. In the story, they are a family of undead godly beings, more commonly known or referred to as vampires.

Rose lives a solitary life for the most part. When a war breaks out she’s sent to look for the last magi. The last magus is the protagonist of the story.

Each phase of the moon represents the journey Rosamund had to go through. I began with the full moon to represent her vampirism. Though, I’d also like to think that I ended with that painting. After all, Rosamund is cursed with a long life.

Watch the video to hear all more of my thoughts about this art challenge and the process I went through creating each piece.

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