A Mindful Way of Life

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I do this "goal" list thing every year where I weigh what’s most to least important in my life which was spawned by a book about depression called The Mindful Way (through Depression).

When I first started doing this in 2015, I never really put any weight on friendship or family because they were important regardless, so wherever there was an empty space, I put them there but I always have two things that never matter which is still true to this day. But there were things I never liked admitting weighed a lot like wealth and income simply because of money. Through the years though, they’ve just been climbing up and things like time for myself and health have gone down.

I consider this a regression of sorts. I think that priorities have become twisted as I work towards the dream of becoming a freelance artist. Circumstances in life has changed the direction of the wind in towards a path that I thought I would never take yet, here I am.

I’m struggling to admit that the life I’m currently living isn’t exactly what I wanted but must get through this stage to get to the right destination.

Is it necessary?

Must I prioritize "money"…

I think in the society we live in, there are many small materialistic aspects in life. Without funding, it would be impossible to achieve the bigger materialistic aspects like a better home, an office separate my bedroom, a phone that doesn’t drop calls or heat up from one text message, or worrying about what to eat tomorrow.

So even though it pains me to put too much importance in "wealth/savings" and "income", I think it’s necessary. But it’s also important to remember the intangible things like bettering my relationships with friends and family or personal growth. As long as I weigh them equally, all be well.

I guess that’s what being 27 is like…

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