Creating My Chapbook | She Grew Stories| The Art Part 1

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For me, the words “finally” continue to ring as I create this blog post and while I created the video for my long-awaited chapbook/zine called She Grew Stories.

I’ve had the collection of poems finished for a couple of years now and finally, I’m getting to the artwork I promised myself I would create one year ago.

Girl bathing in poisonous tea
pained girl wrapped with flora

Procrastination among other things pushed back this production, I have to admit. There was no real deadline either, so it always felt like I could push the product back. It also doesn’t help that when I do talk about it, it feels like I’ve already finished all of it.

I’ve currently since making this post have finished two art pieces. I’m looking to complete 11 pieces all corresponding with the title of the chapbook. I decided that I wouldn’t make them exclusive to the poem even though that was my initial idea. I think, they will have a better cohesive look if I do it this way.

This current piece that I just finished was inspired by artists that I look up to and have found to influence my style in some way. I also really love their art and wanted to learn from them.

You can check them out in the video!

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