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If you’re new to the blogs, this is my November Art Challenge themed with my novel Listening to Georgiana. You can find more information here: Georgiana Mendoza. The challenge I created for myself is to create four pieces centered around a character from the novel. I place them in their “usual” place eating or drinking their go-to food.

This particular piece is late because I got way into vacation mode after Thanksgiving but also that Monday after the holiday, I got a stomach ache followed by cramps the next couple of days. So, I wasn’t in any mood to work on my art which was a good choice seeing that I would probably have botched the painting.

The focus of this painting is Alexander Dyer, Sebastian’s childhood best friend. And instead of tackling his story by talking about his history, I thought I would dive into his psyche instead. Using the premise of the Listening to Georgiana, I give his point of view on the idea of dreams.

Alex’s Sandwich

Alexander Dyer was a mystery even to his closest friends and even more to his childhood best friend Sebastian. He doesn’t disclose too many things about himself but liked to pretend that he was an open book for all to interpret. In truth, he was quite secretive and secluded in his own world which was why he enjoyed the Maison.

To Alex, it was a place of refuge out of the reach of his hovering mother and absent father. When he decided to tag along for the third time with Sebastian, he simply reasoned he was there to support his best friend. If he were to be honest he was there to relax. Time at the Maison was time for himself.

Coincidentally, at the Maison, he met someone from a faraway dream.

Alex didn’t ask much of people. He couldn’t and wouldn’t expect from them as he wished they would give him the same freedom. Expectations led to a bunch of disappointments that he could frankly do without. But complications, those were different entirely. He liked the complicated and often made things complicated when they weren’t.

That’s what Georgiana Mendoza was for Alex.

A game.

the rest of this story is available on Tapas

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