my new diet + dying a little in the inside + new paintings

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Here’s a list of things that’s changed in my life: I practice a new diet to combat my acid reflux and bloating, I minimalize my possessions, and I’ve been keeping up with a schedule to create more paintings before the year ends.


and I’m dying a little in the inside

I think, my new diet has left me more hungry and low blood sugar than anything else. Though my troubles with acid reflux have gone down and bloating is a smaller issue, I have been feeling constant headaches, dizziness, and eye fatigue more often than usual. With my new diet, I eat more vegetables and protein as opposed to the everyday heaps of bowls of rice. There’s a definite possibility my body is chipping away at stored fat and muscle but also, when I first started this regime, I felt more energetic. Was that a placebo effect? Most likely.

I also suspect that because I’m usually someone with high blood sugar levels, the diet didn’t gradually regulate itself but instead plummeted to a point that’s actually affecting my well-being. To combat this, I’m increasing my small meals from 3 to about 4 or 5 with one of them being a granola and yogurt meal.

This whole feeling of tiredness could also be the result of unconscious stress. I can see that being an issue though I haven’t felt quite stressed about my daily activities. I’ve put myself in flexible schedules lately that I’ve been able to move around through the week. I haven’t felt like I needed to finish something before the day ended in such a long time and I’ve actually been able to finish my to-do-list.

So, where is this fatigue coming from? Why am I getting headaches?

Obviously, the best way to answer this is to go to my doctor… which I probably won’t do just yet.

Sometimes, I feel these chronic pains and once I’m at the doctors, poof it’s gone. I’m waiting to see if it’s one of those things that happens to me. It’s also not the first time I’ve gone through this which makes me believe that it’s in part everything I’ve listed thus far, and plus that monthly womanly thing.

I’ve also been lucid dreaming…

Which hasn’t happened in a while? I did miss it but I also feel that it takes me out of sleep mode. I’m instead awake in a dream, dealing with things I would rather not deal with because consciously, I don’t give a flying frick. I’m more concerned about other things in my life.

One way to battle a really bad headache is peppermint oil. I used a diffuser to fill my room with the smell and thankfully it got rid of it but not before some really rude person started smoking their weed beside the house. The smell wafted into my room and caused about 2 hours of irritation and bad languages.

Excuse me while I furrow my brows at the memory.

I’ll also be trying tea like chamomile or chrysanthemum to fight the fatigue.

By the way…

Are you into dream stories?

I’ve been meaning to repost my dream stories here BUT I would love to do artwork to go alongside it. I’m looking forward to doing this but it’ll be a while before I get to it. I’m just hyping it up. And it matches with my lucid dreaming issues atm. So, it makes sense. Right?

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