October Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Stressful Expectations

Every month, I find myself creating a list of goals I want to try accomplishing and each month I am faced with my own mental and emotional restrictions. I am sure that this will be a constant considering the ongoing struggle with depression. Reminding myself to be more lenient and understanding of myself can become tough when things on that list don’t get crossed-out like I wish them to be.

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September Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Plus The Hows of Us Fanart

Recollecting September For this month, I’m doing another artist vlog to end it while I paint and ink a few things like The Hows of Us Fanart. It’s been a long month of emotions and self-reflection. I don’t think there was ever a time this month that I felt extremely good about myself but at …

Poem 99

” i “ ican hear the words,promises madeto me from you. ican see your unfailing effortbeyond mistakesof your everyday. ican smell the fragrantbouquets of flowersyou freshly picked. ican taste the bittersweetof your dailygood mornings and good nights. i love you.Basically. since © 2017

Novel Thoughts | Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen

Surprisingly enough, I don’t talk about prom often enough considering how much of my senior life shaped who I am today. I recently reread a fanfiction based on the novel Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen set four years after the novel where prom is the beginning and end to the story. The Ballad of Big Nothing …