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forever dreaming

I’m in despair. I’m forever in a loop of dreaming for everything. I’m slightly constantly afraid of being stuck with the feeling of “it’s not enough” whether it’s with my art, my writing, my financial status, or my romantic status. Those last two are more of a lack of an actual status as I’m not

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Poem 92

amitiés dimanche teas and cupcakes you’re invited for today, the coming week, and for the next infinity. i’ll pour you one, to return the gesture, giving as much as i take. we’ll laugh, cry, and love. you may be broken but we’ve got tape, glue, and ribbons. i may become unhappy but you’ve got jokes, smiles,

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Novel Thoughts | Friday nights are good for blasting music

Right now, I’m stuck on a few ideas that I’m putting on paper. I’m writing a fanfiction that’s been on hold for about a year now. It’s a Harry Potter fanfiction, but I don’t want to delve on the plot and such. What I’m here for is to share to you guys the two main

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