Undated Calendar Planner + Stickers


This is a virtual product of a simple and undated calendar planner with all 12 months available to be used. There are two pages, one with the calendar and the second with limited planning tools. As someone who can easily be overwhelmed by too many choices, I’ve decided to create a planner designed to make planning less anxiety.

This product comes with a collection of floral stickers including one of my 100 Poison Teas art for you to place around the planner.

The Planner PDF can be used in any notes app for tablet and phone. I use mine on a Tablet S7 with the Samsung Notes App. You only need to open it with your chosen app. The digital stickers are transparent and can be cropped within your chosen app or with a photo editor.

When you receive this product, you will be given two links one for the planner and another for the stickers folder. There are a total of 9 stickers and 1 PDF file.