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As part of Inktober 2023, I continued drawing them again. I (will) have both grayscale and colored versions available. (You may find these on my Instagram under the hashtag #seedgirlsseries.) seedgirlsseries


I tried to revive them in 2019, but my drive crashed then. I then lost all of my work in the process. Here are some I worked on and others I would’ve worked on. At this time, I started to explore the style more and began to add hands. I also played with their clothes more.


[not all are currently here]

I started drawing these girls after I dropped out of college to focus on my deteriorating health. This is the result of a couple of years of majoring in Game Art and Design and studying Western animation. I was largely influenced by anime before then, and their creation was a way for me to channel what I had learned (in creating character designs). However, I was poor with watercolor and struggled to paint what was on my mind. Additionally, I found it uncomfortable to draw hands for a long time since it wasn’t something I was used to. (You may also find these using #seedgirlsseries) seedgirlsseries

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