My Metaphorical Cup is Full

water falling in a clear drinking glass

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My metaphorical cup is always at the brim, full. The question goes, is your cup half full or half empty?

When asked if my cup is half-full or half-empty my only response is that I am thankful I have a cup.

Sam Lefkowitz

The original question is proposed towards the idea of happiness, contentedness, or positivity. The question I proposed is entirely different.

Let’s talk about the metaphorical cup you own.

I’ve heard many people say, including myself, never to spread ourselves thin. However, I always do. It’s a matter of lacking self-control and the ability to say ‘no’. For the most part, my theory is we don’t intend to spread ourselves thin or to have our cups full. Nevertheless, some of us end up with things being too overwhelming.

In my case, I always never fill the cup. Trickles of responsibilities slowly fill in the emptiness while rocks are thrown in. It is heavy. It is too much. The rocks hit the glass and little by little, fractures form and cracks appear until the glass breaks— until I break. My therapist said to take a nap. Somehow naps reform the glass anew until yet again the cycle continues.

I think I’ve always known that my cup is forced to be filled. I’m pretty sure that I also know not to fill it. It remains empty when I’m alone. I am empty by myself.

Stressors, Anxiety, and Responsibilities

They all come from all sorts of directions no matter how much you try to avoid them or turn them away. The glass will get full… eventually.

I hit my limit every day at every hour as if my cup, my glass is but a shot glass. I wonder how big it was when I was younger. What was it like when I didn’t know about depression? How was I like before I’d broken many times over?

But I make do. I have to. I survive just enough before I breakdown again.

I’ve often asked this, but how do I live instead?

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