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Since finishing rewriting Book 1 of The Blue Robin (Sirene Series), I’ve begun to whip out as many sketches of the characters featured. Along the way, I’ll also be sharing more information about the character without giving too much info, of course.

If you’re interested in their background, details I used to create their character (not necessarily included in the story), and to get to know they more, I will be posting small tidbits on my Instagram and longer anecdotes on Patreon.

I’ll be posting spontaneously so keeping up to day with either will be much help! I’m working on the sketches as I write the posts, so it’s a lot of work. But I’m trying to make the most of October with a bit of # Sketchtober. I haven’t drawn in a while also, so a lot of warming up is necessary. Sometimes the first ideas are not the best.

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