unconscious | piano; 02.13

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When I was 7 or 8-years-old, I remember the soft sound of a piano being played. The white fluorescent light lit the living room like natural daylight. The air felt clear. I was young, but in that instance, I felt like I knew, this is how liking someone should feel like.

A sweet silent acknowledgment of each other’s existence. It seemed like the only thing important, the only detail necessary to start something.

A fond memory of childhood I don’t like recalling. It is a moment unriddled by bitterness, regret, and disappointments. No promises were made in the silence I revel in. We were only kids then, but the unrequited love weighs on me like a long-ago fulfilled yearning.

The feeling of this moment, I didn’t know until now, was a feeling I tried to capture for Georgie and Sebastian. A silent acknowledgment of understanding and willingness to know more about each other. It is a friendship and a romantic encounter of two people who once believed in soulmates until life changed their minds.

It is the sort of meeting I dreamt of, the beginning of endless wishes.

Unrequited love is not so painful.

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  1. My oh my, … I still recall a rainy day and a coloring book from my childhood, and flashback there at times. Yes, unrequited love is always a question that will live in our hearts – mixing and blending the colors of our lives 🙂

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