Huevember is here~

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Surprisingly, I am tackling an art challenge that I had done back in 2018, Huevember! I’ve had this planned out for the earlier half of the year, around the time I decided to do Mermay.

You can check out my Mermay collection here.

That aside, I started Huevember this week and it’s been… writing this, I’m on the fourth piece, it’s been t i r i n g. Not mentally but physically, I feel pretty drained. Though, this has more to do with my messed up schedule which has been a running problem since August.

I hate it.

My sleeping habit has been off and hard as I try to get it back to schedule, it just gets worse. Lol I have a problem with working too much.

And that’s because I’m also really in love with Huevember (and my work in general).

Largely in part, I believe, is because of Listening to Georgiana. Georgiana’s story is just that much lovable to me. It reaches into me on such a deep and personal level. I can’t stop making content around it. It’s addicting simply because I’m enjoying the work around her story.

I don’t think I have been as happy with my work as I am right now. I really enjoy focusing on Georgiana’s story whether it’s dealing with the book or creating these portraits.

This means I get to see a whole different side to the story, and I get to tackle different aspects that aren’t just Listening to Georgiana specific. Rather, I get to talk about the entire verse of Georgiana. I love just being immersed in this world because it is a big part of my life. The closer I am to finishing LtoG on Tapas, the less connection I have with the story.

Letting go is tough and Huevember lets me hold on just a little longer.

Otherwise, 23-year-old Georgie would be in the past.

If you’re interested in seeing the process of these four Huevember pieces, here’s the video!

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