went on a retrieval expedition; recovering old posts

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I wanted to do a quick update because my site was inaccessible for a good 24 hours- in part due to my sudden retrieval expedition, a hail Mary to recover old posts and also because I failed to toggle ‘off’ on Maintenance mode on more than one occasion. Please do not judge.

feature photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels

How a girl who was able to read code and decipher how to get posts from what should’ve been lost yet can’t manage to toggle a simple on and off switch is beyond me but it happened.

And beautifully despite this bit of mess, my posts are all back. The words I’d spoken have now returned to their rightful places. Though I had been resolved to forever say my goodbyes to them, here they are with me once again. I’m reformatting most of them still and solving puzzle after puzzle regardless of the missing pieces.

Just one of the many accomplishments of the only-beginning week.

I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday.

I will give a fuller detailed update of this retrieval expedition as it spans a year long of anxiety, stress, and the five stages of loss. It was like losing a chunk of myself that I didn’t think I could ever get back. It was a part of me that had documented a life-long dream, a childhood, and multitudes of feeling that I could never reiterate in the way that past me had done.

Have a wonderful day!

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