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monthly thoughts

september again

It’s that time of that month again where I recap the events of the month and the art I was able to create through my newsletter: monthly thoughts. Thanks for joining in on this journey. Let’s get to it.

Monthly Thoughts b/vlog are accessible by everyone.

Monthly Thoughts

is a section in my work where I get to delve deeper into my writing and combining it with my videos and art.

Writing is such a passion for me that I really wanted to retain that from the previous structure of my blog.

More about it down below.

As an aside, I also want to put to light that some posts and videos are now only accessible by my Patrons which is something I’d been working hard to do.

I want to create content that truly rewards and speaks to those monetarily supporting me. That said, I still want to create content for everyone.

Which is why I continue to write updates and create videos that resonate with everyone who’s been following since the beginning.

updates you may have missed

the bird song

This month was a successful one in regards to creating TBS content. I was able to finish two pieces I’m super excited about even after finishing.

new pieces

This section is reserved for new artwork I’ve finished.

Personal Projects

Monthly Thoughts or Novel Thoughts are my babies- one of my personal projects I keep trying to improve. They let me do the kind of writing I love and sharing it with you dears is a passion for me.

It’s definitely a trial and error. And as much as I’d love for it to reach all my followers, it’s content that’s in not a one size fits all.


I posted about just once this month really but I’m hoping to up my game in the sharing department. I’d like to incorporate my followers into my livelihood more.

Check out the ones I posted this month:


I like to work with each client directly to ensure their project is scoped and priced according to the specs. We’ll work through the costs before we even start.

Personal Projects Cont’d

It’s such a specific taste of writing. I’m often wondering if I should even do it. Then again, I love it. So that’s enough reason, I would think.

So, I do hope you all enjoy this and possibly get something from it?

I don’t know. Lessons aren’t always seen right from the get-go.


Returning to work meant reopening commissions (not that I ever closed it… did I?) I’m not completely sure but it’s officially open.

Check out the links below for a few of the ones I offer!

I’m seriously debating the course of my life atm as I struggle to find storage, so commissions would be a lifesaver for me.

I do have some rules about commissions which you can check out here: What I don’t do It also comes with samples.

june captures her adventures

Have you seen my latest adventures? I’ve done a few new things this month.


I create Patron-exclusive content from hi-res copies of my art to coloring books and blog posts under the Creating Art Tag.

Here are some of those posts in a nutshell if you missed them:

how to continue making art even when consumed by fear: fear is what we make of it and sometimes it leaves us frozen unable to move. that’s okay. find the right people to help push you along.

tier image: i recently changed the tier image for ‘dearies’, added the new image for my ‘bloomers’ tier and also created an image for all supporters, nonmonetary and monetary alike (ie Ko-Fi supporters).

monthly goals and expectations: dropping in the afternoon; 5PM

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