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So, I was thinking that this update seems necessary since the last posts I’ve created have either been Patron-exclusive content and just poetry. I say just but I was super proud of the artwork and poem (along with the thoughts running in my head while I created those two pieces of work.

Photo by Mont Photographs from Pexels

Anyway, the last week of September has just been mainly about prepping for October- more importantly, Inktober. There’s a lot of sketching that’s been going on and planning of Instagram feed aesthetics. I think those two things have been preoccupying me a lot. Regardless, I still manage to insert in a few other pieces.

Here are the ones I’ve so far finished. You can check out real-time updates on my Instagram.

I suppose, for the most part, my feed is overrun by pinks but I’m all good with that. My self-portraits will be my sole blues. Lol That’ll be fun to plan into my feed. That’s for future me to think about though.

I hope to return soon with a bigger post update for you dearies. I hope to see you guys then!

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