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I’ve put off putting myself out there and risking everything then finding out I had nothing which makes this Patreon Launch even more important.

If you’ve clicked on this post, you might know about my journey. You might be aware of where I came from and what it took emotionally to get to this point. If not, you probably won’t understand it any better but I’ll try to explain.

Prepare yourself for some emotional explanation.


I started off this journey not knowing what I would do with my life. I was lost in the sea of greatness and slowly drowning in the process. I wasn’t sure what there was for me outside of conventional life. I never entertained that idea until I was suffocating.

I dropped out of college due to depression and loss of identity. I wasn’t sure where in life I would be but I did it anyway because I felt my mental stability was most important. (For more info: check out Le Voyage)

This unconventional life that I’ve stumbled my way into led me to a new world.

I didn’t set out to become a striving entrepreneur nor a freelance artist. It just happened.

Though it may not be what most people expect for me to live, it has been a great blessing and I consider every bit before it a derailment to my true potential. I was so absorbed with tradition that I failed to notice I wasn’t fit for that mold.

Admitting and then trying to live outside of it was the difficult part, I would say. I would also add that this life does come with its problems not unique to itself. I still struggle with daily life like other people.

I often joke that I don’t live a normal life.

Most people would tell me, I would struggle less had I a normal 9-5 job. People think what I do is a lot easier. They like to believe that we live completely different lives.

I often joke that I don’t like a normal life.

I do live a normal life.

It’s really untrue to say that I don’t. I am no better in life than the average Joe. I worry about the same things my sisters do despite working in different fields or that they do have that 9-5 job but I don’t. I still wonder about my financial status. I am anxious about turning a year older. I stress about friendships. And I am overwhelmed by the life I cannot support. My life.

The only difference, possibly, in the life I live in comparison to most is that I enjoy my job. I enjoy waking up in the morning to tackle a new project. I enjoy wondering about my next task. I get excited about the things that I do. Unfortunately, that’s just about it. It’s a lot but not for this world. I wish it was.

I live unconventionally my normal life because I was drowning trying to live conventionally.

Is it my fault? Part of it. Trying to force myself into a life I didn’t belong in most of my life hindered growth. So, yeah, that is my fault. I feel that had I known earlier, I’d have had youth on my side to make mistakes and try again. Being an adult, there’s less leeway.

Despite all this, I persevere for the life I want which is why I decided to launch my Patreon Page.

With Patreon, I’d like to tackle more projects and provide people with educational content whether technical skills in regards to being an artist to learning business to run your own to emotional struggles and how to deal. I have a lot to say. I have a lot to offer. I would like to offer them to a larger audience. Patreon will help with production. As I worry less about my day to day life, the more I can create.

I am an artist. I do make art for myself and for the people.

That is my skill. That is my trade.

And everything between being a person and being an artist is everything else I have to offer.

If you’ve gotten this far, please listen to the more business side of my Patreon. The more physical aspects of this will be explained clearer down below. I just thought that sharing a bit of me through this post would also be true to what my blog normally is.

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