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To mark my return in video making, I had big plans to reveal my two week trip to Japan but it can’t be helped when plans don’t go exactly the way we want when dealing with depression.


This is the normal nature of suffering from a mental block. I find the best way to deal is to let it pass. I have tried fighting it my entire life. It’s good to have a moment to yourself every now and again. And I have to admit, I feel blessed to be able to do so.

Despite the hardships of a financially unstable life, I still believe my mental stability is most important.

My past experiences tell me there are more important things in life than money which is why despite the financial struggles that raise my anxiety and stresses, I could not ever trade the ease and peace my mind has achieved. I suppose it’s like a diet, a choice between eating the coveted chocolate over the salad. Even though the scale says I shouldn’t, I still do. I am more important than a number. (But eating healthy is important as well, of course.)

To let myself rest a bit, I’ve decided to dig out a video I filmed a long time ago. It also happens to coincide with an anniversary.

Some years ago, after the 7th movie of the franchise, I decided to give Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone a second chance. I sat myself down on the couch in our living room and began a never-ending journey, following the life of a not so ordinary boy.

I hope you enjoy this time-lapse!

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patreon soft-launch

Here to celebrate the soft-launch of my Patreon! I believe it’s been a long time coming especially for those who’ve read older posts from a couple of years back.

I’ll keep this short and concise.

For the first ten Patrons, I am giving away a Bust/ Half-Body Portrait of whomever they wish me to draw.


Current tiers available:


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