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I’ve unknowingly began a series of fanart focused on strong female leads/ protagonists in red which I call: Girls in Red (Fanart Series).

I didn’t know it before but I am attracted to protags with strong visual prowess and it just so happens that their personalities or roles in the story they belong in match they design. In an artist’s point of view, that’s not at all surprising.

We tend to design our characters with their personalities in mind and the end product reflect the overall expectation.

What was initially for the purpose of making fanart has then become a way for me to learn. Thus far, I’ve created 3 pieces of art focusing on female leads in red.

The very first fanart I began with was of Futuba Yoshioka from Ao Haru Ride by Sasaki Io.

I have a particular bias-ness for her writing and find that she writes really great characters that feel very human which isn’t something I often come across in the world of shoujo.

In particular, this piece isn’t nice as I feel it didn’t really capture her personality or my style.

I got my second opportunity to make fanart when Wreck-It Ralph 2 came out.

I decided with Mulan’s, I would go about it more casually by doing a sketch painting instead. This piece didn’t go so smoothly. You can hear more about the struggles in my video:


Though difficult it was, I really enjoyed being able to finally make fanart for a heroine I adore. With Mulan, I believe I was also experimenting with combining my eastern (anime) and western (seed series) style.

My next painting tackles my Western style.


The Seed Series style was starting to grow on me and because KH is predominantly Anime-like, I thought I would go the opposite style.

Even though I really am proud of how this piece turned out, I have this inkling urge to re-do it with both style more in mind.

I want to reach a certain style that I could use completely rather than see-sawing back and forth between my anime and Seed art style.

I think it would be better for me as well to do so.

Personally, I get confused by my own art because of this (conflicting) styles in my art.

(By the way, you can watch me painting Kairi here: Kingdom Hearts Fanart Digital Painting

It would benefit me a great deal, I think if my art was more recognizable. I believe it gives me a strong identity. Despite not always being sure where to improve, I still search for the how. I think tethering between the two styles has been hindering me as I often had difficulties trying to improve on both. Instead, splitting myself into two just made it that much harder to actually get better at either.

Hopefully, this series that came to fruition by chance will aid me in my journey. (Which I’m sure it will.)

Here is a sample of how I hope to continue painting/drawing.


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