Drawing Challenge | Memuary | Recollecting My Childhood through Art

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I felt I wasn’t able to begin my year properly so I tackled a week-long drawing challenge called Memuary.


Here is the full collection of the 8 days:

You can find out my specific thoughts on the individual pieces on my instagram.

Overall, I really enjoyed this drawing challenge. I was glad to be given the opportunity to do fanart of shows that affected me as a child. I am especially fond of the last two pieces as they turned out a lot better than I anticipated but for sentimental reasons, my favorite is Day 2, 6, and 8.

The Wild Thornberrys, Hey Arnold, and YuYu Hakusho were such big parts of my childhood and in shaping me as a person. I was happy to know that I gave it the tribute it deserved.

I’d love to do bigger pieces for most of the shows here in the future.

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