From all the other artwork I’ve ever made, it’s no surprise that I’d be tackling a fairytale inspired month challenge called Fabluary. February has been a relaxing month of recalling childhood and having the chance to create my own adaptations of classic fairytales, lores, legends and other tales of old.

Fabluary is a month long challenge conceived by @krislustrations on Instagram and was presented to me to co-host. Obviously, I jumped the gun as I’d been saving many designs of my own since 2015.

Maybe I’ll share those sketches in the future when I get the chance to actually create the larger paintings I’ve been meaning to since four years ago.

But for now, I plan to fill this watercolor sketchbook with as many interpretations as I can even though the actual challenge was only for 28 days.

Here is the collection I managed to draw up this past month.

I quite enjoyed this challenge, as I’ve said before, and look forward to the many more art challenges I’ll be tackling in the future.

For now, you can check out the video collection I created and to hear some of the thoughts I had on the pieces featured. Some pieces I really liked were not able to be made into videos but I do have most of them filmed… so maybe in the future, I’ll release them?

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