I’m finally at that stage in my life where asking people to criticize my work isn’t as embarrassing or nerve-wracking as it used to be. The prouder I have become of me, the easier it’s been to be proud of everything else that is me—if that makes any sense.

If someone came up to me and told me I’d be sharing myself to the entire world without fear, I would’ve just sniggered off to the side—mocking them throughout the day. And I would have honestly believed that all I would ever be doing in my life is asking for permission.

Believing in myself is so beautiful. To some, this thought is natural or common sense but it’s actually unfortunate that it isn’t. A lot of us grow up to be afraid of our own reflection. It sometimes feels crazy to me that children with great potential don’t do much with their future but looking at myself, I shouldn’t be one to judge.

Anyway, I decided, to heck with always running things by people! It’s time I told myself, if this feels fine, “Go For It!” and if it doesn’t, well go for it anyway. The worst thing that can happen is that someone agrees with how you felt. So what. It’s time I trusted my instincts, my heart, and my logic not someone else’s.

I decided to share my poetry before making the chapbook. I didn’t tell anyone. I just did it. Well, I’m saying it now but I didn’t ask people if I should do it. I just did it because I’d always known I wanted to share my story. So I did just that.

This the collection of poems I’ve compiled that tell my struggles and joys. It’s been finished for a very long time now. Yet, I’ve only decided to share it now because well, I’d been waiting for someone to say yes to me. No longer.

I’ll be updating this weekly as part of my ‘happiness’ exercise. I’m doing this as a means for me to keep growing in the direction I’m in now. It’s part of my journey.

Hopefully, they’ll be a time when I do get this chapbook published. I’ll have to see first if I actually have any readers though. At least this way, I get to share it without money-investing because let’s face it, I have no money to invest with. Hahaha But mostly because the important thing is that it’s out there.

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