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what happened to summer?

tumblr_oixd0cmewz1sjh145o2_1280Seems like something I should’ve asked when summer ended but… I honestly didn’t even feel it end. I’m pretty sure I noted the start of fall and winter but when I look back at what I’ve done, I can’t recall my summer! I should try to look back at other posts… *Runs off to do just that.* Winter of 2015-2016, I definitely remember. Lots of being lost, frustration, and fears (the midnight man, is what I’ll call him). I became quite a mess during that time. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t eat. Got pretty drunk, tipsy, whatever during my friend’s birthday because of it. Just those little stuff. Then came spring with job interviews and rejections. Tried to do my Youtube channel and fell behind because of personal stuff. I can somewhat remember that time. “I’m finally at that stage in my life where asking people to criticize my work isn’t as embarrassing or nerve-wracking as it used to be. The prouder I have become of me, the easier it’s been to be proud of everything else that is me—if that makes any sense.” – writing and the little things I suppose then that summer was filled with more realizations, self-love, movies, and finding more of who I want to be as person. How could I forget? The Fall season has been a combination of crazy antics followed by December’s rollercoaster of emotions. Negativity can truly overshadow some great things, huh? I should know that. lol It’s happened so many times that I should know it but it’s not something I go out of my way to remember every day. I know it but I don’t think about it when a good thing occurs. I’m sort of missing 2016 already. Feels as if I need to do more things before the year ends! Yet, I’ve done a lot this year for me. Ah, greeting the new year is pretty nervewracking. What’s in store for me next year? I’m apprehensive about it but I’m sure it’ll be a bag of surprises of both good and bad. A balance of things. As always. I’m about to check my 2017 horoscope, something I do just to do. I don’t necessarily believe in leading my life based on superstitions but I like to pile up my positives to keep me positive. 🙂 I’ll be back with resolution stuff before the year ends.

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