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I compiled a list of news that I’ve recently been reading and have more or less gotten pissed of at. I just wanted to rant for a moment about them.
Jung Il Woo gifts 100 staff members with Nike sneakers on the set of “The Night Watchman”. (can be found on allkpop[DOT]com)
sometimes, i just don’t understand. i get it; you’re rich. you can afford to show grand gestures to a whole crew you worked with. good for you. those damn shoes are needed elsewhere. that kind of money can be used elsewhere. you could have bought them food. it would have weighed the same.
First Take Discusses A Woman’s Responsibility to Avoid Being Beaten (can be found at deadspin[DOT]com)
now this is just plain wrong and disturbing.¬†i don’t even have the words to be angry with. i’m just so shocked at how domestic violence was viewed here. yes, sure, let’s also look at the victim’s actions. some may say, though no one ever deserves it, but they should really watch out what they do… uhm… that’s just a cowardly way of reiterating the guy’s main point. anyway, as a general point to make, WE should all be conscious of what we do and what it does to others. we are all responsible. alright?
That Fifty Shades trailer(s)
they say, don’t knock it ’til you try it. i’ve already knocked down the idea of even being curious about this series, but i’ll give it a moment’s benefit of a doubt. if you are a reader of the novel series, feel free to plead your case. my sister was scarred by the promotional audio played in the radios. it makes me laugh when i think about it. i have yet to read or watch the trailers, but let me already say, i don’t have the highest of opinions for the author and her work. just a heads up.
Meet the Women of “Women Against Feminism” through Their Selfies (can be found at
here is the definition of feminism.
  1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.
and i’m just giving you a basic definition that doesn’t even delve into its entirety. also, here is false feminism. i chose just that link since i’ve read it before. you could go and look for these things yourselves. i just wish those women did. but here’s a link to an awesome blog post related to the topic of feminism: HERE¬†because I’m totally done ranting. lol  

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