They’ve got me all messed up and unproductive, so I’m writing a vlog about it to make myself feel like I’ve done something today.

So, I’m not new to vivid dreaming. I’ve been this way since I was a kid but it really gets to me when the vivid dreams hinder my life. It works a little like depression in that I’m forced into a situation I can’t quite get out of. Dreams pull me into a world much like reality and I’m there, living instead of sleeping. Rather than getting that 8-hour sleep (if I’m good with time) I’m awake for 24 hours.

All I really want is to SLEEP but no, my mind has to work out things and chooses to keep me awake.

Thanks a lot mind. YOu fail… for the second time. Yeah, I’m blaming you for depression too.

Meanwhile, there’s this big fire where I live and it’s turned the sky into a nice golden-hour-type or a sunset of orange and yellow. As beautiful as that is, I feel very worried.

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