Le Voyage

there’s no plan

KakaoTalk_20170504_113008755 I’m possibly moving my blog… uhh that’s a bit scary to say. The truth is, I’d like to incorporate more of my true self/ blogging self with my art. So, I’d like to post my poetry and short stories with my art. At the same time, it doesn’t sound that wise of a move. People who like my writing may not like my art or vice versa. So… upon thinking more about it, what I truly would like to get into is collecting all my wordpress work and reworking it with my art blog. My art blog? I’m currently working through it. I don’t have it done. I’ve purged all the original stuff that were on it so that I could start from scratch. I’m debating how to format it that I 1. won’t get tired of the design, 2. easily understood by newcomers, and thirdly has to be able to present my art and writing beautifully or at least doesn’t take away from the work.And if you’re still reading on from here… I’ve got other things I’d like to work on. I don’t really have a plan but I have listed things that I’d like to accomplish sooner or later, more so sooner than later obviously. One of these things is creating a webcomic. ahhh! I’ve said it! It might not happen! Anyway, I’ve got a long list of things. Also on a good now about my “Le Voyage”, it’s gotten a lot easier to momentarily complain about something and move on from it rather then dwell especially if they’re things that trigger my depression. It takes some time to remind myself to breathe in and out but I’m sure I’ll get there someday. I’ve also gotten a lot better at defending myself from useless criticism. When I say criticism, I really mean people attacking for no reason. As you know or not, I went on a no-poo method with my hair which means no more shampoo because it was really drying out my hair. My mom has this notorious habit of pointing out how ridiculously long my hair has gotten and how it doesn’t smell nice. I always try to understand her but it’s seriously gotten worse as the year passed. So, instead of re-explaining myself and going through all the science that goes through with no-poo method, I’ve just decided to dumb down my words. I would think my mom was smart enough to understand but it’s not even that. It’s just, “if it’s not her way, it’s not done right”. That is what is truly ridiculous. My hair has gotten incredibly healthy this past year and I’m very much ready to cut it. I’ll be talking about the journey of my long hair soon. 🙂 (And explaining again why I did what I did.) Going more into my “Le Voyage”… I have succulents in my room courtesy of a baby shower I recently attended. Woot. I really only own one. The other three are my siblings’. I’m hoping I can keep mine alive. *crossfingers* I’d really love to have more greenery in my room. I’ve yet to replant my bulbs but they’ll be even harder work to maintain. I have homemade potpourris in my room and bathroom and that’s the best “greenery” I’ve had in a while aside from the bacopas in PJ’s tank (which mostly got eradicated by poor care and brown algae/diatoms. I’d like to blame the store but they were growing them really well. I think they couldn’t adjust fast enough to low waste load and low lighting. They couldn’t feed properly basically. Thankfully, two stalks survived. one is thriving pretty well. The other is… she’ll get there. Any, that’s me currently. I’ll talk about friendship another time.

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  1. Spring comes, flowers bloom, they have no plan other than beauty 😉

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