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the definition of 24

They’ll give you lists about what it’s like being 24 and the new things they’ve learned since being 24.

What’s the difference between yesterday and today? Nothing but a number changed. And I am not defined by that number. I’ve always had a lack of awareness with “trendy”. I’ve always been worried about today and I’ll worry about tomorrow. Nothing has changed except that I am one number older than I was yesterday.

We make promises to be better, better versions of ourselves when “momentous” events like birthdays happen.

I didn’t think I would make it to 24.

I always thought I’d slit some thing first. I would go out, my last light at 24 because by then I would’ve lived a long unexpected life. Or so I thought. It’s been long, in my perspective, but I’m still here.

Still just here, simply existing.

📷 by Huy ProShoot 

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  1. Seems a long time, still so much to do, and so much youth left to bring those dreams into being … Much luck, and many blessings for you!

    1. Thank you as always for commenting and for the sentiments! I had a lot of different thoughts about being- or becoming “24”. Yes, there are still so much to do! I’m so excited to start living and not just existing.

      1. Discovering who you are may not be easy, but is always worth the effort 🙂

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