They’ll give you lists about what it’s like being 24 and the new things they’ve learned since being 24.

What’s the difference between yesterday and today? Nothing but a number changed. And I am not defined by that number. I’ve always had a lack of awareness with “trendy”. I’ve always been worried about today and I’ll worry about tomorrow. Nothing has changed except that I am one number older than I was yesterday.

We make promises to be better, better versions of ourselves when “momentous” events like birthdays happen.

I didn’t think I would make it to 24.

I always thought I’d slit some thing first. I would go out, my last light at 24 because by then I would’ve lived a long unexpected life. Or so I thought. It’s been long, in my perspective, but I’m still here.

Still just here, simply existing.

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3 thoughts on “the definition of 24

    1. Thank you as always for commenting and for the sentiments! I had a lot of different thoughts about being- or becoming “24”. Yes, there are still so much to do! I’m so excited to start living and not just existing.

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