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The Character Elin

I wrote this character named Elin for my Circus based story. She’s this lady who knows a lot about life, and about people because she’s lived for a long time. She is first introduced in the story as the aged clown Franc Bodin’s assistant. She’s a bit of a grouch to most people, but in the beginning I show her off as someone who’s really interested in the story’s main character Juanito or Don Juan and especially to his little sister Isabella. Well, upon further inspection of her character, I realized, yet again I had based her off of someone close to me. Frankly speaking Elin is a bit over her head. Elin, well Elin isn’t the best person in the world and not to reveal anything in the story, she becomes a bit of a jealous monster and insecure (in her own right). I can’t help but hate her sometimes and I feel guilty because she is based on someone I do care for but sometimes dislike. Elin, she’s a dreamer and quite the surrealist. She’s unstable as a person, but she wasn’t always. No one starts as an unstable person. So, I got to thinking. Aren’t we all very much like Elin, broken down by life, by people and we are either going through or have gone through difficult times? Or for the lucky ones, will be going through those hard times. I love Elin. She’s a sweetheart, but I kind of hope that while the story grows and takes its own life, that she’ll find her happiness, if not today then hopefully someday.

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