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tea for calm

I didn’t notice the stress of life come on until I was drowning in it so I decided to have tea for a bit of calm. Unexpectedly, it also became medicine to the other ailments I was consumed by.

I wasn’t a big herbal tea drinker when I was younger. Most teas were either green tea or black tea which are both caffeinated. They were my go-to after deciding to quit coffee. If you’re a long time reader of my blogs, you may remember that around the time I was still in college, my doctor told me coffee could be a possible cause to my murmur-like symptoms regarding my heart.

As a way to get back to a healthier path, my once or twice (or more) coffee a day became once every week to once every month until I completely weaned off.

but there was tea

Tea that is still caffeinated seemed like a cop-out but I went for that direction anyway. Thankfully, I was introduced to other types of tea like brown rice, five flowers, and my number-one-sleeping-aid chamomille tea.

Herbal teas give me nostalgia feels.

They have the same effects as coffee when it comes to pouring my heart out in my written things.

Around last year when my sister got married, I got back to habitually drinking coffee. Not just coffee, Starbucks coffee became a staple in our household which means lots of sugar and high blood.

Thankfully, I have a good stock of roasted barley tea and it just so happened at the time that I finally found a dried flower tea.

Prior, I would drink a honey citrus mix especially when I have a cold.

Recently, I have worked up the courage to mix my own tea. Although it only has the roasted barley and the dried flower (chrysanthemum).

Coincidentally, this mix was helping deal with symptoms of high stress and anxiety.

Before I decided to tea-up, I was feeling all sorts of discomfort in regards to physical health and my mental as well. And this was evident in my posts.

I believe once in a while. Setting aside a moment to take my surroundings in with a cup of tea is beneficial to a healthy condition. Though, at times, it brings me to a place so far from the present.

During those times, I take a breath of that calm and get lost deeper into those sentimental moments.

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