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Bruised He was bruised.Beaten.Out of confidence.He walked with a hunch.Slouched.The heavy bag slung overHis shoulders down.They bumped.He looked.No words were said.He received no apology.He was bruised. originally published 2015 Bruised, a short story Mornings, they were always something of a hassle. Though Robin Snow would rather spend the day lazying about, she would go ahead …

NaNoWriMo | Huevember Nomvember | Steeping Tea (a short story)

So, she decided to get to know the girl, to peel the mysteries off piece by piece so she too could yearn to live again.

She listened to Georgiana tell her stories about the failings of an older girl, the heartaches, the intangible pain, and watched the visible scars across the arms of an equally thin girl fade with time. Yet, they would always be there, Georgiana tells her.

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