warning Mature Content in stories.

Some stories won’t be found in HPFF due to its severe mature content.

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womping willowStory One. Say a Prayer

Melinda sees there is a face, blank amongst the crowd of the dead. He lurks in the shadows of the school, too afraid to pretend to feel the sun grace his skin. He is quiet in his loneliness. He is hidden.

For Wolfgirl’s Everybody’s Got a Dark Side Challenge in HPFF.

warning! graphic descriptions. strong violence. rated mature. 18+ recommended.

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Scoops of Various Ice CreamsStory Two. To Theodore & Bianca

Theodore Nott didn’t say goodbye because…
Bianca Dinapoli sort of knew…

He still loves her.

For Jen25’s ‘I Don’t Love You’ Challenge in HPFF.

warning! Contains Profanity, Substance Abuse, and Scenes of Mild Sexual Nature

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2728303769_ed221660ed_bStory Three. Moon and Back

To the moon and back,
I will love you more than that.

He’s a hero in her eyes.
She’s the future he wants to embrace.
Sometimes, the greatest love stories are about friendships and family.

warning! This story is 15+ for touching a Sensitive Topic, but not elaborating on it. trigger alert

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part IStory Four. Redeem

Fred lived.

Hermione loved.

For Wolfgirl’s Everybody’s Got a Dark Side Challenge in HPFF

Warning. This story touches on the subject of PTSD and the effects of war. There is also graphic violence against the young/babies. If you’re uncomfortable with that, I suggest forgoing the story or thread carefully.

Only available on Wattpad and my blog.