Synopsis of The Tale of Juniper:

June Black knew the world was not on her shoulders for that was Harry Potter’s responsibility but for a girl who’s world danced around her siblings, a promise she unwittingly vows makes it feel like the world is on her shoulders. She’d do anything to keep that promise even if it means giving up herself. She’s a dead girl and she knows it. Still, during her journey, until that day comes she makes it her duty to turn the lives of the people she deems worthy of second chances despite those people being the exact opposite of who she is.

It’s a story about unconditional love for a sibling. It’s the ‘me’ that loves my family to pieces and the lengths I am capable of for them.

My Thoughts.

Juniper’s tale is one set in the world of Harry Potter. It’s a fanfiction I have written over and over again in my head and a good half of a decade writing (not ever capturing the story that was in my mind).

June is a reflection of myself. She embodies qualities of me I lost through the years, her bravery, unconditional loyalty, control, and self-appreciation. She was me when I no longer felt like me.

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the black siblings

k. scodelario as juniper vela black

She wondered only for a second if the decision made sense. Of course, it did. Her conviction was made more solid by their brown nosing. What else was there to do? A life for a life. Right?

julianne canis black

Her bright smile filled his days and they were made thanks to him. Obviously, if he disappeared, so would her smile. She just never thought something else could take the shine away.

T. Palmer as young Julianne

julianne canis black-weasley

She wonders constantly if the price paid was too great as she hadn’t the only one who’d paid it.

j. spark as older julianne
k. knightley as young jeanne

jeanne pyxis black

She believed in everything she was told as her memory trusted those she believed would protect them.

r. byrne as older jeanne

jeanne alden

She lived happily before magic entered her life equation. There was no question, this, being a witch was a curse rather than a blessing. No one could otherwise argue.

jonathan eridanus black

He came by innocence by chance and they let him keep it. He chose ignorance as fear took over.

a. butterfield as young jonathan

jonathan eridanus knight

He wanted to tell her— them that life would go on even if he was gone or even if she was but he wasn’t sure. He was lucky. Always have been. As long as he knew this, everything would be fine. Wouldn’t it?

a. cooper as older jonathan

thanks to: k. knightly gifs // t. palmer gifs // k. scodelario gifs // a. cooper gifs //

the black daughters

e. tomlinson as melinda eltanin black

Everything she knew was taken from her and somehow, she’s supposed to keep living? She has no idea how but maybe, just maybe, she’ll come to figure it out. She’ll put her trust on the woman she calls “mom”.

She gained what was taken from her sister. That was no secret. What she lost, is. No one understands how magic can be just as crippling to a muggleborn like herself.

c. hope as jane zoraya black

other non-canon next generation

j. abel as regulus weasley

julianne and fred’s son

He trusts only what he knows and he knows quite a lot about what they aren’t supposed to know about. He’s curious. He’s sort of in love. He’s a teenage boy, so this is all normal stuff.

jon and ava’s legacy

He’s a bit worried he’s not as adventurous as everyone else in the family but a boy gets to have leisure time, does he not? Unless it means Reg gets all the girls. What’s that about, right? He charmer. He should be more popular unless James is around.

n. hoult as romwell knight
i. eisley as beatrix knight

Exploration is a game she likes to play. She’s a little curious and a lot interested in the girl she’s not supposed to think about but how could she not when she looks a little like her aunt June.

neville and hannah’s eldest

She wasn’t supposed to exist… well none of them were. It would be okay if only her dad stopped crying. If only…

g. wilde as alice juniper longbottom

thanks to: E. Tomlinson gif // C. Hope gif // J. Abel gif

N. Hoult gif // I. Eisley gif // G. Wilde gif

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