Synopsis of Listening to Georgiana.

“A flower lives a fragile life, poison it and it will die. I was a white rose.”

Georgiana Mendoza is tired of lying about everything wrong with her life. For once, she’d like to say, “I’m not okay,” but she’s not sure if it’s okay to admit how horribly awry her life has turned out. So, she runs to the only Father to ever listen to her. In a foreign land where she knows no one and no one knows her, she hopes to tell the truth, to cry, to shout, and to finally breathe.

This is a story about depression and anxieties. It’s about love. It’s about being hurt, hurting others and seeking forgiveness. It’s not religious and it’s not not religious.

My Thoughts:

The thing about this story is, it’s been in the works for way over a decade. You could even say, it’s almost been two decades. It’s the story of my life except it’s also a story about Georgiana’s. It’s like rectangles and squares. B can be A, but A can never be B. I’m Georgie but Georgie isn’t me.

It’s complicated in the way that I can’t explain just that even though I write her thinking of me at times and having her go through similar obstacles, how she goes about it, how she gets to her answers and whatnots, that’s all her because I’m still on my journey. Georgie’s got it all figured out.

Author’s Letter.

direct from novel.

It took a long and painful decade. Before Georgiana there was Rheanne and with Rheanne there was England instead of France. There was an overbearing academy instead of a peaceful Maison. I grew with Georgiana and I hope that she’ll grow with every reader as well.

Flowers live a delicate life. We are all flowers of this world. We thrive best when we’re supported. It is my wish that Georgiana’s story becomes a means of support to you.

Quick snippets and simple mood boards to get to know a limited number of key characters from Listening to Georgiana. Included are characters that will be introduced to the sequel I am currently working on.

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Short Story | Paint Stains

Photo by from Pexels

They painted together in silence in the art room. She was somewhat used to his presence now but she never initiated a conversation unless it was to scold him. It seemed like he didn’t mind, He kept to himself and painted. He painted until the end of the day. Together they would clean up and walk to the dorms.