Le Voyage

stereotypical millennial

Blue Lagoon, Laoag, Philippines 2016

Just got back from my vacation.

For a while, I did consider it a vacation until I got home. Negative things will be negative. There’s nothing changing that. Sure, it’s up to us to filter them from our lives but once in a while, when the right people do it to us, we lose that battle. I lost that battle when I got home. Anyway, I don’t feel like reliving it. I already spent my first afternoon and evening sleeping it all off. It was such a waste of the day but I needed to revive myself. Now, I’m awake at 5 in the morning because I’m sick and I slept too much. Lol What I am here for isn’t to complain. It’s to try to analyze myself. XD I think I’m the stereotypical millennial mentioned by Cat Grant in Super Girl, the 24-year-old who can’t do her time in the business world and is ready to launch herself into society. A part of me really just wants to live out my plans, my future without the present, the journey, or obstacles. Still, I know that I have to go through it. During my vacation, I really enjoyed painting for a client. I enjoyed doing what I loved. duh. So, I was really thinking more of wanting to quit my part-time as soon as winter ends. In my heart, I don’t want to be in that job. BUT!!! I must keep it. For as long as I can handle the stress without it triggering anything for me. Most important is my mental health. If that breaks, then that’s when I’ll drop the ball. I decided, I needed the money for my art a long time ago and I’m going to stick to that thought. Money from job = money for art. Simple.

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