Sink — One


Nothing felt the same after fourth year for Hermione Granger. She saw more of life outside of her constant companions, books. Not the life of battles and constant brush with death. No, this was different.

It started with a small crush that snowballed. Slowly, she fell in love with Ron.

That love only grew as they spent more time together as Prefects during their fifth year. By the sixth year, Hermione believed she had control over her emotions.

Ron was the one.

She believed it with all her heart, so why wasn’t he here?

“Can you hear me, Miss Granger?”

Hermione’s eyes were wide open, staring blankly at the ceiling. She could hear very well but said nothing.

“It seems she is aware of our presence but is incapable of replying,” said the man in a white coat.

Someone walked away from Hermione before speaking, “It will take some time to recover her memories.”

“So there’s a chance to fix her?”

That was Harry’s voice, sorely sounding, but Harry’s nonetheless. He was the first she recognized after waking up.

“To be completely honest, I would not be too hopeful about recovering them. The most important thing for Miss Granger is to rest.”

“You mean to say, there are consequences to getting her memories back?” Harry somberly looked at his friend.

“What kind?”

She knew this voice well but couldn’t put a face to it. Was it Ron? Thinking too much made her head hurt. The bed creaked as she slumped back into a deep slumber.

In her dreams, she sees Ron clearly. Best of all, she remembered him, Ron, with his red hair, freckled face, and ridiculously adorable smile. In her dreams, they were eleven. They were meeting for the first time.

She remembered pointing out the dirt on his nose, the way he wrinkled his face, and the giant misunderstanding between them.

The train rattled. The hanging lights flickered just a little.

She shut her eyes from the incessant flashing.

His brooding eyes stared back at her. His arms rested on the table as he watched her in silence. The mannerisms were different, they were not Ron’s.

The quiet sighs of the boy before her felt differently from Ron’s louder ones. Who is he?

“Obliviate,” she remembered saying.

There were gaps in her memories; that much she could understand from her own assessment and the conversations she’d listened to between Harry, the doctor, and someone she couldn’t remember.

She was told, sleep took over her more often because her brain was trying to fix what had been broken—what she forgot but it wasn’t like amnesia. She wanted to tell them, she’d done it to herself with magic. And they can reverse the spell and that would be it. Problem solved.

“It’s not that easy, Mr. Potter,” the doctor corrected Harry, “we’re talking about years of self-inflicted memory erasing. If we don’t know when it began, we could potentially ruin the memories she does remember.”

Oh, she thought. She’d been doing it for years, he said but even that she couldn’t remember.

In her dreams, she’s dancing in an empty hall with a faceless man. She’s dreamt it many times before to a point, she almost believed it to be real. She dreamt of sneaking out late after curfew to the Astronomy Tower, having small, sweet conversations but those dreams were never about Ron. She knew that much.

She hasn’t felt the same way since her fourth year. She saw more of life outside of her constant companions, books. Not the life of battles and constant brush with death. No, this was different.

Yes, still dangerous, but also fun.

It all started with a smirk and a glare.

Slowly, she found herself searching for his figure amongst the sea of serpents. Curiosity controlled her whims and curiosity only grew as they spent time as Prefects during their fifth year. By the time the sixth year rolled in, Hermione could no more control her emotions than she could Harry and Ron.

Draco piqued her curiosity.

end of chapter one

a note from me.

I wrote a version of this chapter some long time ago as aira isane and then reworked it again as a one shot in a Harry Potter Fanfic forum only to rewrite it one last time as a short story/novella. I’m still working hard on learning writing but I thought, the more I share, the more people can critique and help me grow. 🙂

You can anticipate reading the rest of this on Wattpad where I’m publishing a lot of my works lately.

Also, Tuesdays are my HP days so… I expect to schedule them up on those days.

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