Fanfiction Short Story

FF Short Story | TTOJ | to Theodore, to Bianca

short story based on the world of Harry Potter.

au where the heroes and would-be villains are together.
The Tale of Juniper related story.

Scoops of Various Ice Creams

Theodore Nott didn’t say goodbye because…

Bianca Dinapoli sort of knew…

He still loves her.

For Jen25’s ‘I Don’t Love You’ Challenge in HPFF

warning! Contains Profanity, Substance Abuse, and Scenes of Mild Sexual Nature

To Theodore, To Bianca

Her bridesmaids all gawked at it as they waited for the ceremony.

A knock at the door alerted them that everyone was present and ready. It took two tough months preparing the venue and thousands of flowers to fill it. She had spent weeks tasting all sorts of cakes only to end up with a simple vanilla yellow cake with Italian buttercream icing. The color scheme was a blend of Theodore’s Slytherin upbringing and Bianca’s Koldovstoretz. It was an elegant mix.

She released a nervous breath and held her stomach for a moment. She shut her eyes with a smile on her face as she stepped out after the other girls.

“I was nervous too,” whispered Julie.

Bianca’s smile grew wider. She couldn’t wait to stand at one end of the aisle and see Theo’s face on the other.

He was fidgeting when she finally looked up.

She remembered hearing his vow through his cracking voice.

“To Bianca, in the years that we’ve been together, I’ve learned to not think about the things that stopped me from living. You filled the gaps that were once empty in my heart and mind. You fill the spaces that I couldn’t alone. I wouldn’t be complete without you.”

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