University Update

school and dreams

I’ve been busy with school lately, and have been meaning to drop by here at least once in a while with stories and poems I’ve been writing on paper but I haven’t had a good chance to sit down and focus. This quarter in AI, I’m taking a Psychology class where my professor insists that we create a dream journal. Personally, when I write down my dreams, I find it difficult to match my thoughts with my writing speed. I always leave behind things where as if I were to type it down, I’d be able to write down every thought. So anyway, I’m starting a dream journal here:¬† If you want to read some interesting things, go ahead and check it out this Friday. There’s nothing in it right now though. Aside from this, I’ll try even more to find time to post my writings and to comment on others as well.  


The dream journal is no longer available to view. I will be posting a curated version in the future. Thank you for understanding. – Roxanne, 2018.

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