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University Update | Spring Break

001 So, my spring is about to end. A few more hours or so and it’ll be Sunday. As Sunday approaches, so does my next quarter in school. I have to say, I did not miss school at all and I was actually pretty productive this break. Even though I was not able to read the minimum amount of one book like I had hoped, I did continue on with the promises I made to myself which were to illustrate more and get myself out there. If you follow or like my Facebook Art Page you would know that I have been updating regularly and posting photos of work that I’ve done and also work from my past. If you follow me on my Twitter, you’ll see that I have committed to an artist signature: j. adupe which is my first name initial and my last name. I do have two names, but “j” is a much nicer letter to sign with from my experience. I’m getting off topic. Anyway, I have been updating my art life even though my writing life has taken a back seat. I’m trying to finish an art book right now, in the hopes of including some of the art into my chapbook, which I have finished. It’s only recently that I thought of changing the art that I had originally wanted to put inside. Also, I do look forward to updating you more on my art life and how much happier and less depressed I feel now that I have decided to really pursue this dream. I still have school and I will probably stress out like I did before, but I hope that this new foundation in myself will help me with how I feel about school. Thank you as always and please keep supporting me by reading and looking around. I will now then sign off with a character drawn based on me! JuneSketches

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