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I have a project I have to do and even though it’s been some time since we received this project, I’ve only decided to do it… one week before. Though it’s not the smartest of choices, it actually happened that way because I couldn’t decide what I was going to do. Anyway, I wanted to do an oil paint but I’ve never made oil paint and I don’t want to buy it because I don’t want to buy an expensive number of paint then end up not using it again. So, I’ve picked up most of the things that I need in smaller amounts like the pigment- I have that, but my question is… Can I use baby oil instead of linseed oil or any other oil? Is canola oil also acceptable? I want to play around with my art, but I didn’t want to just randomly do it. I know baby oil is good for rubbing off paint, but I’m not sure if I can make paint with it.   If anyone knows the answer, feel free to tell me. PLEASE. lol

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  1. I feel baby oil is a bad idea for your painting, as is olive oil, motor oil, transmission fluid, castor oil, peanut oil, vaseline, etc., etc. They are all non-drying oils, and should not be allowed to contaminate your paint. Some may actually be OK for the condition of the brushes (I’m not sure which those would be, because I avoid all of them), but none of them should be allowed to contaminate your paint.

    One cannot use just any oil that “seems good” for operations related to oil painting because things will ruin rather fast.

    1. I see. I’ve never dealt with oil paint and wanted to try it out. With that said, I decided not to be experimental with a project so that I can learn more about the medium and it is clearly the better choice after reading your comment.

      I think I saw on a video before exactly what you last said and that’s what I was hesitant about. I didn’t want it to crack and be ruined easily. Thanks for answering. I think I’ll see how oil paint is supposed to be first before I start making my own. (I didn’t even know vaseline was an option for people.)

      Thanks again!

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