University Update

promised things

I have a fanfiction that I promised I would post but haven’t gotten to this month. I do hope that I do get to it before my birthday arrives. Yes, I am aging another year this January 31st. Apart from this fanfiction, I also promised myself that I would go ahead with my plans of compiling a collection of poems and art work to be published. If I am lucky, persistent and dedicated, this will be the year in which I accomplish that. *Crosses finger* I really do hope to accomplish much this year. I will be 22 the Friday after this week and have not really done much with my life. Having a standard for myself, I am quite disappointed that I am only a full time student (which shouldn’t be taken lightly, I dare say). Please cheer me on. 🙂  

School Report!

In the past couple quarters, I have really outdone myself as I am put in the Dean’s List. Even in high school I was not an all A’s student. There was always that lingering B amongst the As. It was a thorn in my side and I am absolved of it forever if I keep at it. Other than the good grades, I’m truly enjoying my life right now and taking things one step at a time. Unlike my younger years, I am approaching life headstrong. I will complain but at the end of the day, I will jump every hurdle I have to jump. New Year’s Resolution There’s no such thing for me, but I do have goals for the year. 1. Exercise: I am so unfit, it’s not even funny. 2. Get a job because having two college students in the house is not economically sound for us. >_< 3. I seriously need to get my license. 4. Save money. I think that is a goal made every year.   I have more goals but those are basically my top 4 that I constantly think about.

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