illustration samples

A curated gallery showcasing my current illustrative style. Includes a timeline depicting the changes in my art style.

the bird song


The story is about a young adult named Fia Clara Walsh, a non-magical girl who forcibly inserts herself in the affairs of magical creatures.

volume 1 writing progress
volume 1 drawing progress

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A flower lives a fragile life, poison it and it will die. I was a white rose.

Georgiana Mendoza is tired of lying about everything wrong with her life. For once, she’d like to say, “I’m not okay,” but she’s not sure if it’s okay to admit how horribly awry her life has turned out. So, she runs to the only Father to ever listen to her. In a foreign land where she knows no one and no one knows her, she hopes to tell the truth, to cry, to shout, and to finally breathe.

This is a story about depression and anxieties. It’s about love. It’s about being hurt, hurting others and seeking forgiveness. It’s not religious and it’s not not religious.

Listening to Georgiana


Red Girls Fanart

A series of fanart illustration depicting strong lead females or literal girls in red.

A week in January art challenge focused on paying tribute to shows that shaped our childhood.

A week long January art challenge celebrating women.

A February month long art challenge inspired by Folktale Week.
Prompt available.

ART SERIES · Digital Illustrations

Floral Elves

An entire month dedicated to the magical creatures, mermaids.

An October month long art challenge where one may use only ink-based mediums.
Prompt available.

Folktale week is a week long art challenge focused on stories.
Huevember is a month long art challenge focused on utilizing one color per art piece.
Prompts available for both.

Seed Series

This is full history of a species called Seeds.
It is also the art style I stuck with for three years from 2015 to 2018.