Poem 89


Talking leads to thinking

and we question until we’re back at square one.

It was about the events that transpired,

what could have been or why it happened.

We all tried to understand. Me. Him. Her. Them.

There was a lot to say and little said.

I said,

who I am is more important than who I won’t be

with someone who isn’t the one.

He said

she was his best friend,

one he never thought he could lose.

She said

some battles, you can’t fight alone

and she was alone.

It’s complicated: an excuse made up to cover,

an excuse made up to keep the love alive

but only managed to tear it down.

We all talked to make sure we weren’t sidelined

but we talked one by one and not to each other,

succeeding in failing the telephone game.

I asked. He answered. She dodged. They watched.


© since 2016

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