Poem 85

Here is my angry letter,

This is for the people who’ve met my angry face, my furrowed brows, and unchecked words. I’m angry at you for being you. Yes. That is what this letter is about.

And I have very good reasons that validate this burning in my gut and the scratchy throat. My fingers are itchy from wanting throw up a handful of signs to meet your obnoxious attitude. I’m fidgety and my mind is ruffled, but I know for sure, I’m writing this angry letter because of you.

I hate that you have the authority to bring my hopes down and my fears to its fullness. I hate that you hold me back while you move forward. I hate that you’re the person that keeps me planted on this empty ground.

My face turns red when I hear your voice.

I hate you, I thought I’d say it now.


One angry girl.

© since 2016

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