Poem 80

rheanne 005 Really… …half the things I say is a version of the truth or the omission. in the end, isn’t it all, an elaborate string of lies?

…who else could fall for it but everyone who has ever thought that I could never tell a lie because once a good girl always a good girl.

…I’m good at making them with detail laced with reality, embelished with fiction because I am an artist, I am a writer.

…I have lied all my life telling you how great I felt or how I could never be let down by broken promises and endless berates.

…they roll out of my tongue, slip from my lips like poisonous melody, bating you to believe every syllable, every word.

…shamelessly, even to my reflection, I will recite meaningless compliments of how beautiful I see myself, how loved I should feel, and how I never cry because of you.

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  1. Poem 80 could perhaps be titled “Dear Mother” ?

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