Poem 75

every day, i feel that i need to confess something about myself. like if i don’t say something, they- the feelings will eat me up and lately, i’ve been thinking about love. how to love, to be loved and stay in love. so, you’ll be seeing me write a lot about that for now. i want try not worrying so much and dragging myself further down the rabbit hole.

A letter to you.

Offer me your heart and I will hand mine over without hesitation. I give you my happiness and my worries. And hope to never regret the trust I’ve placed upon you. Tell me it’s okay to cry, to show my feelings and feel vulnerable because that’s what I need. I need you. And you can need me too. I can shoulder your pain and your insecurities as long as you have my back. Lecture me for my mistakes and I will learn. I can do almost anything with you by my side.

Break my resolve to never be touched. I can let you, if only you showed me all. Our fingers can linger, barely touching, at the brink of a shiver, goosebump and butterflies in my stomach. Or they can tingle as they slide in place, entwined so perfectly and comfortably within each other. Watch me cross the line I drew between me and those I loved in silence. Wait for me to grab hold of you. I will try to have courage, to be brave enough to tell you. Please whisper in my ear how much I matter and I will always remember how you gave a hand in changing me for the better. I can close my eyes, fall into what seems like the abyss, of nothingness and darkness that I fear as long as you keep yours open, ready to catch my fall. I can do almost anything. With you, all else will pale in comparison. I will love you in secret and for the world to see. I can love.

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  1. this is really brilliant ! for a moment , i felt like i was living this poem ! Amazing ! I’ll be thinking over this for a while now ! Great Work !

    1. That’s pretty amazing. I feel pretty honored for creating something that someone can get lost into.

      1. Keep up the good work !

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