If you have to look up how to hide a face that’s just gone through crying, then know that is the time in which marks the day you’ve cried too many times. And if you’re an excellent pretender, then I am deeply sorry for the days and nights you’ve spent crying. I’m sorry that you have to hide it.
This is for you.

The Art of Crying

Ive licked my lips a dozens times.

Theyre so dry
From defending my position,

And never getting through
Your selfish
Vindictive allocations.

Its almost like a battle of brains,
Of wits and of truth,
But yours are close minded stereotypes
You refused to rebuild
With facts,
And research,
And of opening your heart
To possibilities,
To change.

And here I am again
Facing the cold side of the mirror
Fogged by the heat
Built from my breaths
And from the tears.

Cool water splashed on my face
Dont erase the scar
The way they erase tears.

The puffs on my cheeks
May disappear,
But never the stick and stones
Of words you stacked against me.

I may look okay
But this is just because
The art of crying
Is something I have mastered.


4 thoughts on “Poem 73

    1. Thank you. It is a comfort to know that someone understands though it is still saddening that there are many of us going throughtl it.

      1. The hope lies in the fact that if we just stick together and be honest to ourselves rather than sweeping our demons under the rug, then we can all support each other.

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