Poem 51

inspired by: Wings by Birdy Think of You the summer heat, waves of the sun reaching down to warm me is a great reminder of the days we’d spent together every year around this time, this season. you bring the m&ms and I bring cola to quench the thirst that only soda can do. these memories, they made me think of you. i remember how i used to laugh and run, of how we played like children. i could chase you and never run out of energy, because i knew you’d let me catch you. the thought of us sitting on the porch talking has gotten me lost in the dreams of my past where i should have left you. but these memories, they made me think of you. i was lost that night when your hand struck my face, because i’d never been hit before, nor betrayed by feelings i trusted with all my heart and soul. you stood there watching the tears fall from her face, watching me burn with fury, clenching my hand so tightly, that even now, i remember it all just by the sight of my palm. nothing changed, you never called, didn’t return. i remember it all and they made me think of you.  

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