love does us many wrongs


Hoping that it would be enough,

we learned to love and be loved

believing that it was all equal

and they taught us that with perseverance

we could conquer all that stood

against us.


But love does us many wrongs

in more ways than one.


We are promised unconditional


as children

from devoted parents.

There were no CAUTION signs

for those who were out of the ordinary,

who lacked



And as we grow,

we are shown

how love

can come a long way,

but never how long or


that love lasts.


We are given the handbook of love

at the time where our firsts

have come and gone,

when our hearts have been torn

and stitched

and torn again.

And it’s no longer relevant

as experience has written for us

a personal guide

to keep ourselves together.


Our own rights and lefts

tell us


love does us many wrongs.


But not always.


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