He sang

at break of dawn

i wanted to run

when i heard his voice, sing

a lullaby that moved me to tears

while i prayed for an escape from


from the destined path i have to take

and his voice echoed

in the stillness of the morning,


piercing through my tired state,

the little bit of sanity

and strength that i had left,

i shivered away

letting the tears i pulled back, fall

and i broke down

like the world left me stranded

as if my world were crumbling before my eyes

he sang on with a deep grasp,

a hold on his reality

resonating through every word.

i cried without restraint

letting the pain i’d hid so well from others

escape my lips in a tremble,

but i was alone

while the music played.

1 thought on “Poem 37

  1. I really enjoyed reading this poem, yo used your words very well they grabbed me and my feeling and didnt let go until the end very well done 🙂

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